About Me

I know you remember me from school.  The guy who hung out in the library or the band room,  The one who waited to be the last one picked for a team in gym class.  The one who went to the mall and spent his time in the book store or the video arcade.  Yeah, you remember me.

Since then, I've worked at desk jobs, usually with computers or other "techie" stuff.  I'm the one who sold his comic collection for a down payment on a house.  I'm the one with the collection of goofy t-shirts that I wore to picnics and reunions.  I'm the one you run into at the store and you're not quite sure where you know me from.  Chances are, I'm the one you called when you had a question about your computer or your entertainment system.

Yeah, that guy.

Now, I'm rediscovering all those fun things from my youth.  Some of them I never left behind.  I've remained a gamer, off and on, for thirty five years.  My interest in comics has always been there, and I've watched from a distance as the characters I enjoyed changed and evolved over the years.  Science fiction and fantasy are still a love of mine, and this "new" idea of steampunk has piqued my interest.  And there are dozens, if not hundreds, who can attest to my hearty enjoyment of a good fencing bout in the Society for Creative Anachronism.

So, how about you?  Did you ever find your geek flag?  Let's talk about it.