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    Locks along with their use and operations are not merely for the home or vehicle and an oft forgotten subject worth writing about are those cilindros de alta seguridad and devices which can be available and requirement for the massive commercial and industrial buildings. Duplicate keys have been a thorn in the side of countless an entrepreneur and safe keeping of these keys is definitely a high priority. One motivation behind the development, growth and technology of high-security lock systems is to assist the capability to control duplicate keys.Key control is a very important part in lock security. Using patented key blanks which could only be distributed by the lock manufacturer is a great way for stopping the ability to duplicate an integral at different locations.Another critical aspect to high-security locks are the utility patent which excludes other businesses or individuals from making any similar products for a twenty year period. Learning the utility patent and also the amount of time it has left will ensure higher amounts of security.There are a number of brands that leave high-security locks of a array of security levels. This is a a valuable thing to know these security levels because they too will aid in what sort of security locking mechanism you will want and your locksmith can be positive about this to suit your needs.For being sure the locks you are considering to your business have an increased level of security look for the UL listing which is by means of an emblem on the face of the cylinder or on the items packaging (Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. which is an impartial, non profit product testing organization) to indicate that the door lock or cylinder is perfect for this purpose.To be able to earn a UL listing the merchandise, a shot model, must pass attack and thorough performance tests and must meet strict guidelines of construction. Many of the requirements that really must be met are the product should have one or more thousand key changes. The unit needs to be made out of bronze, brass, metal or other like material in a position to resist corrosion that can resist UL’s salt spray corrosion test. The locks should not be compromised or perhaps opened in the attack test designed to use hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, jaw-gripping wrenches, saws, chisels, electric drills (hand held), picking and key impressioning tools and puller mechanisms. The system must also operate as it is intended during 10000 complete cycles of operation, not exceeding a rate of fifty cycles each minute.When in your set of high security products there exists a need for dependable and security locking systems a significant part in the understanding, installation, service, and repair of such systems uses a skilled tradesmen within the locksmith industry with all the know-how and talent to execute on your businesses needs and standards and solve all your problems in this region.